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Ye O Niyenii

Celebrating migrating culture and traditions  

As people move and navigate geographically around the globe it unconsciously initiates the migration and evolution of heritages. Histories become interwoven with new experiences and adapt as traditional customs take place within new surroundings. Communities are formed with the familiar whilst daily scenes of native countries become memories remembered in song, visuals and stories.  


Exploring aspects of community relationships, rituals and traditions, the aspect of heritage on the dining table is celebrated in the form of a ceramic collection. Directed by material experiments and research, the materiality of these customs such as the Thaumatococcus Daniellii leaves used to serve waakye came to the forefront of Ella’s design process. Whilst the Homowo festival, celebrated by the Ga tribe that remembers the days of famine and giving thanks for an abundant harvest is honoured.  


The depth of this collection goes beyond aesthetic and brings forth symbolism, merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary forms, yet provoking dialogue around the guardianship of African narratives.

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