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A collection of sculptural stools produced in collaboration with Wassaman Ltd, a timber factory based in Accra, Ghana.

The stools are available to order, yet due to use of upscycled timber, replicated stools will not be identical to those pictured.  Prices are available on request

Working alongside Solomon Antubam, the founder and director of Wassaman Ltd. Ella learn't how Antubam’s Ga heritage influenced the company’s sustainability practices, which also established the foundation of the design principles behind the collection.

The ideology to design a collection of stools was inspired by a ritual performed at a marriage ceremony by some Ewe clans, symbolising an invitation of the new bride into a new family. Also, there was the constant presence of the ingenuity of women, from Makola market to the shores of Keta.

Each stool is produced from upcycled timber found in the Wassaman factory and explores a different transitional stage where women are the forebears of instilling wisdom: nurture, adolescence and spirituality. Therefore, re-introducing pre-colonial ideology that promotes the importance of the female position within the Ghanaian cultural and social landscape, that has otherwise been reduced by imposed colonial ideologies. The stools are not meant to meet the role of ergonomics but of storytelling, and yet exist in multi-spheres of both visual art as well as that of design.

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