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Club Night



The project proposes an automobile interior that would provide a realm of peace, comfort and luxury for the driver within the congested city of Lagos in Nigeria.


Nigerian traditional attire and cultural status symbols were the foundation of the design concept. The range of printed fabrics developed, do not imitate current traditional attire, however utilises folding techniques involved in the Adire (tie-dye) and printed Ankara fabric construction.


The project further proposes the introduction of an in car accessory, ‘The Shoe Brush Set’. Nigerian infrastructure is still under development and presently has a yellow/brown sandy soil in certain areas that can be dusty or muddy. Discovering that the chosen consumer group have an admiration for designer footwear and encounters with underdeveloped roads were unavoidable the in-car accessories allow the driver to care for their footwear and maintain their appearance whilst travelling.

Commissioned Project for Nissan Europe