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Ghana: Architecture of Belonging Talk at the Design Museum

By Ella Bulley, Apr 5 2019 02:26PM

Ella has curated the Design Museum late on 5th April 2019 to celebrate Ghana and the year of return.

The night will feature, a talk discussing the Architecture and design of belonging. Taking David Adjaye’s National Cathedral of Ghana in Accra as a point of departure, the discussion will explore connections between architecture, culture, memory and habitat in Ghana and how architecture can be used as a tool to promote identity and belonging. For info on tickets to the talk: here

Yenki Taxi, a film produced by Crudo Volta exploring the Ghanain heritage on the music produce Hagan's music. The museum will come alive to the the sounds of Hagan and his bespoke playlist for the evening. Followed by a question and answer within Ella in the Designers in Resdence space.

Not forgetting the beverages, the design museum restuarnt and bar will feature an exlusive cocktail called Queen Sobolo.

Prosecco is combined with the Bissap (Hibiscus) flower, one of the many edible flowers that can be found in Ghana, to symbolise the celebration of Ghanaian traditions and culture that travel with the native as the navigate new dwelling spaces.

The flower also features within the inter-Patria display.

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